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When you decide to fall into the authenticity of your higher-self and trust the wisdom of your soul’s design. I know this is shocking and may sound completely foreign to some people, but you actually have an extremely, unique and automatically, unfolding design of yourself. It’s called your soul. The soul,¬†your soul, follows the same design in nature as a plant growing from a seed. The difference between you and the plant is that you have consciousness which gives you the ability to question absolutely everything. The constant questioning and self-talk, which typically runs quit negative and unfavorable, is precisely what gets in the way of listening to your soul’s truth. The way you listen to your soul is to pay attention to it, MEDITATE. I think we all understand the principle that what we pay attention to grows; so please apply the principle to yourself and expand your¬†awareness of who you are. Meditation is the key to listening to your soul. When you listen to who you are life gets easier.