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Healing Services 


My goal is to connect you to your heart, life purpose and the joy of the now moment. I will take you on a healing journey by releasing your stuck emotional pain and bringing awareness to current life patterns, revealing past lives, utilizing a healing technique called Reiki and communicating with your deceased loved ones. Each healing session is unique to you because your spiritual and emotional needs shift.

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Healing Sessions in Office

My office is in Nolensville,TN. 

90 minutes for $175

Healing Sessions on Phone

Healing can happen long distance, learn how.  

90 minutes for $175


I love teaching because it empowers people.

Posted as they happen. Descriptions below.

 What is Reiki? 

Reiki is defined as spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a Japanese energy therapy that promotes physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Reiki is based upon the Japanese philosophy that all living things are animated and surrounded by life force energy called Ki.  Ki is the energy that creates the energetic blueprint for the physical body and travels through the body in pathways called meridians and chakras. Illness is created when the flow of energy is disrupted.

Trauma, unconscious negative beliefs, and harmful life choices are all things that disrupt the flow of energy. The longer the flow of energy is disrupted the greater the effect it has on our health. Reiki restores the flow of energy and you will experience better health and emotional well-being. Reiki is a holistic, multidimensional approach to healing the mind, body, and soul.

Healing Sessions

My goal is to help you become aware of your truth and bring clarity to your current life experience. I use Reiki and my intuition to uncover and identify stuck emotional pain in your body and energy field.  Healing occurs as we bring awareness and unconditional love to the pain. The pain shifts and releases. You may experience a physically release through heightened emotions, memories, temperature fluctuation, waves of sensation, and body gurgling. Your physical reaction is a result of the movement of energy and not massage; I do not practice massage.

Emotional pain is created by the experience of any kind of trauma that turns into fear and then manifests physically in the body. Conventional medicine is just beginning to recognize the concept that emotional pain has a physical aspect and refers to it as psychosomatic. To me, emotional pain always has a corresponding physical component; I can feel it in the body and the energy that surrounds the body. Ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine acknowledge the concept that physical pain has an emotional and spiritual component to it; all three aspects are intertwined and can not be separated. 

 The emotional/spiritual/physical pain begins to grow as we fall into the negative self talk that validates the story and we accumulate further life experiences similar to the original trauma. It is my understanding that the more experience and negative self-talk that occurs around a particular fear the denser the physical expression becomes. It is a vicious cycle that literally places a physical wedge of painfull beliefs in our energetic field that disconnects us from our true self which is love. During a healing session, I intuitively listen to the words and stories behind the stuck emotional/spiritual/physical pain by applying unconditional love and Reiki. My goal is to assist your mind and body in discovering a new truth about who you really are and similtaneously release the stuck, painful energy.

Past Lives

Past Lives are about your souls experience in other life times. Past lives answer some of the “whys” or karmic connections in the current life experience.  When they appear during a session, they provide great insight and are relative to your healing. They are an integral part of my work because they appear naturally during a session. If you do not believe in past lives and reincarnation and do not want this information, please tell me and I will honor your beliefs.



Mediumship is communication with deceased loved ones. Connecting with your loved ones can be a part of your healing journey because they have the ability to work from a place of deep love and acceptance, their earthly egos are dissolved. I am able to communicate with them in the form of instant knowings, pictures and feeling sensations. They typically relay their connection to you through specific images relative to you; they are not talking in my ear. They are an amazing source of truth, guidance and healing. I can devote an entire session to this communication; however please know that healing will naturally occur for you during this process.  


During the session, we will create personal affirmations or “I” statements that reflect what we are discovering.  I will have you engage in the healing process by repeating an “I” statement. An example of an I statement is, “I release my mothers strict rules from my body. I am free to follow my own rules now.” Or, “I forgive my Dad for always working and never being available to listen to me. I am heard.” You can use the affirmations as a tool to continue the process of healing on your own, essentially retraining your brain. Author Louise L. Hay developed this process and it is a very powerful tool.

Other important notes

You are an active participant in interpreting what your body, mind, and soul reveal to me. My gift is to help you connect with your deeper truth. I do have very strong intuitive skills but I do not have the final say in your healing process, YOU DO. You are in charge and I am the tool. You can actually say, “I am only accepting love during this session. I am awakening to my truth”

My psychic awareness does not present itself for predicting the future. Yes your soul may reveal an awesome potential that is awakening and available to unfold in the immediate future! And yes, you may gain self-trust and enough courage to take your life in a new direction after our session; for this I am hopeful. But, I will not be your fortuneteller. You are in charge of your life and you can choose to change it at any moment; I hope you create your magnificence.

I do not have any specific religious affiliations or agenda because I think it is all different manifestations of spirit, divine essence, love or God. I truly believe that your religious and spiritual beliefs are sacred and I will honor your truth during the session. I most definitely believe in a higher power and call on it to guide me in every session. I typically refer to it as divine essence, pure love, soul or light.

Disclaimer: My work is never a substitute for medical treatment. I offer a different perspective to the same condition, but I will not diagnose medical conditions. Please seek Medical attention. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatric; I am a spiritual healer and medium.

Healing Session in Office, 

 90 Minutes for $175

My office location is currently in Nolensville. Address is disclosed after appointment is scheduled.


Healing Session over Zoom, 

 90 Minutes for $175

Please consider a phone appointment if you do not live near Nashville, TN; they are just as powerful. Half my work is with clients located all over the world.


I have had the privilege of knowing Alison for over 4 years. She has been instrumental in my healing from a turbulent time in my life. I have had countless seesions over the last 3 years and each session has been spiritual, powerful and transforming. Alison is truly gifted and I am honored to call her my friend.

Kelly M.

Healing Session by phone, 90 Minutes for $175

Healing sessions can be done over the phone. Please read the section below to understand this concept. Essentially the physical distance between us does not deter the experience of a deep healing session. We can zoom, use FaceTime, WhatsApp or regular phone and text a current photo.

Reiki by phone

Healing sessions can be done over the phone. Psychic awareness and the movement of energy is not subject to the same physical laws of the human body; so sessions are just as effective as meeting in person. Like the in-person sessions, you will experience noticeable physical changes like stomach growling and body sounds coupled with emotional waves.
I will need a current photo before we start.

How can healing work happen when we are physically miles apart?

Healing work is done on your etheric, energy body, which exists in a different dimensional plane and is not subject to the same laws of time and space in the third dimension. Discovering that you have a separate energy body that feels different from your physical body is the same idea as relating to the part of you that never ages; that core energy that is a constant from childhood. We all have this part of us that is ageless and not subject to the wrinkles, aches and pains.

You may have experienced the concept of having two distinct (yet intertwined) parts of yourself when you have looked into the mirror and found an old, wrinkly version of yourself staring back. The part of you that doesn’t feel as old as you look is your essence, your soul, your God particle, the part of you that can never die. This is the part of you that is not subject to the same time and space laws of the physical world. This is the part of you that I am communing with; it is the place where thoughts exist and prayer actualizes.


Alison has been profoundly helpful during challenging times in my life. Her insight has helped me reach a deep level of understanding of what is going on inside me that is impossible to uncover on the conscious plane. Hers is truly powerful healing work.



You Have the Answers Inside of You, Meditation Is the Tool

I will guide you through a series of Meditations and you will walk a labyrinth to ignite your relationship with the divine spark within. (The meditations are guided so being new to meditation is welcomed.) Connecting to your divine truth or your authentic self, always brings clarity and answers because your authentic self is the best resource for your truth. We will identify and release inner voices that are repeating old thinking patterns that represent false needs or fears. It’s time to tap into your truth as the best source for your life. You can only live you.

Meditation Classes General: We will practice, practice, practice…Come learn all the ins and outs of being a successful mediator: breath work, guided meditation, how to practice mindfulness while being in the world, music and apps, answers to questions, discussion of the pitfalls, how to deal with the emotions, scientifically proven benefits and creating a routine. Different techniques work for different folks so we will cover them all. There are many ways to success.


Reiki I & II Training and Awakening Class

 May 4th and 5th 2023: 9 to 3

Reiki I & II Two Day Intensive: cost is $400, materials and lunch included.

Reiki is passed from Master to Student through an initiation process called an attunement. Each Attunement connects your energy with a specific Reiki symbol and corresponding Mantra. First, you will learn a symbols history, meaning, purpose, design, and mantra. Then, you will receive the symbol attunement. You will learn 3 Reiki symbols during the course of the weekend. The attunements empower you with the ability to give Reiki to others.

 I have designed the course around the emotional/spiritual/physical awakening that occurs for you during the attunement process. We will hold space for the healing that occurs for you during the class.

 The course includes meditations, discussions about every aspect of Reiki, energy systems of the body, receiving a Reiki treatment, and doing a Reiki treatment. 

Materials: You will receive two Reiki manuals: one from William Lee Rand and one I developed. I will provide a health lunch. This is a very nurturing and healing class.

This was my second time taking a Reiki training to be attuned to Reiki I & II. Alison exceeded my expectations. her training was more comprehensive and comes with her manual. She took her time explaining Reiki’s history, lineage, and the technique. We had plenty of practice time. And she offered to be available for direction and questions in the future. During the class, she made everyone feel as if they were the only one with her. Highly recommend!!!

Robbie Short

Owner of Half Moon Yoga Studio

Self Reflection and Healing Journey

5 hours, cost is $150, lunch included

Each and every one of us is on the Road to Enlightenment; this is the predicament of the human experience if you realize it or not. Your Soul’s objective is to heal anything that stops you from living in Joy and being you, a divine expression of love.

But how do we do this? How do we get to a place of true inner peace, self-acceptance, and unique self-expression? How do we stop living in worry and fear and finally get through the cyclical pattern of internal turmoil? You learn to Trust your Divine Self.

This class is designed to give you a set of tools to heal. Through a series of guided meditations, you will identify old stuck energy, feel and release emotions, work on forgiveness, write affirmations, walk a labyrinth, and end with a powerful meditation where you feel deeply connected and loved.

Disclaimer: My work is never a substitute for medical treatment. I offer a different perspective to the same condition, but I will not diagnose medical conditions. Please seek Medical attention. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatric; I am a spiritual healer and medium.

Ready To Explore Your True Nature?

If your ready to discover a deeper truth about yourself or talk to your deceased loved ones or learn about your past lives, then call or text me to schedule an appointment.