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I was introduced to Alison by a good friend, that saw me falling in pieces emotionally and physically. My body was in pain and my soul was full of fear and despair. I did not know how to start to rebuild myself after leaving my first and only job, and was now facing a debilitating chronic injury. I was a bit skeptical at first around the long-distance sessions. But since the very first one, Alison was incredible. She helped me to get in touch with my own self and free up negative emotions from my body.  Almost a year later, my life is so much better! I learned to love myself and to interact with my emotions in a healthy way. Alison was like an angel in my journey of healing!!

F. in South Carolina 

Alison is an amazingly gifted healer and working with her has changed my life. Alison’s capabilities are surely divinely given and her ability to see into past lives, the inner workings of our soul and very being have both increased my faith and given me a path to heal and be healed. She has helped me understand and change believes about my body, relationships, work, family relationships, and my very faith. Thank you Alison for the gift of you ”


My son had been experiencing what I thought was “night terrors” for an extended period of time. These “night terrors” started to show a specific pattern and became more and more frequent. My son would start by screaming out for help while he was sleeping. Then crying, shaking, sweating, pounding on the walls, climbing on his headboard would follow. At one point I caught him lifting his window shades as if he was trying to climb out the window. It seemed as if he were dreaming or experiencing the same dream each and every night which included some type of entrapment and torture. Thank God he never remembered the events the following day, but it was becoming more and more concerning. As his mother, I did not know what else to do. I tried praying, rearranging his bed and saging our home, paying particular attention to his bedroom. I myself had, had a session with Alison previously and felt the positive effects, so I reached out to her via telephone regarding my concerns with my son. Alison went above and beyond my expectations and worked adamantly and remotely by using photographs of my son, his bedroom and our home. Alison concluded that there was a number of dark entities connected to the land where we had recently built our new home. These entities were in search of light and were essentially attacking my son while he slept. She worked on my son’s situation over an entire weekend and was not going to give up until she cleared everything. As of today my son has not woken up one single time since Alison’s work was completed. There are no words to describe what Alison has done for my son and my family. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend Alison’s services to anyone in need.

-Jen in Cincinnati

“Working with Alison has truly transformed my life. The multifaceted work she does has helped me to break free from an addiction to smoking marijuana that lasted more than 20 years. I have tried to quit many times on my own without success. I have been free from my addiction for 160 days now! When I say free of my addiction, I mean FREE! While there have been a few cravings, I have been able to easily overcome them by using the tools Alison helped me to develop.
In addition to helping me with my addiction, my mood is greatly improved and I am overcoming both depression and anxiety. While life still happens, I am able to deal with it as it comes with a lot more confidence and I am able to move through the harder times faster and with ease.


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Disclaimer: My work is never a substitute for medical treatment. I offer a different perspective to the same condition, but I will not diagnose medical conditions.  Please seek Medical attention. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatric; I am a spiritual healer and medium.