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About Alison

This is my journey of awakening from my ego to my soul’s reality and now a wondrous career as an Intuitive Healer, Medium and Reiki Master. 



My Journey

Becoming a “Healer” was not exactly what I thought of when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up.” However, my soul held a truth that began revealing itself in my late teens. This is the story of my unfolding and growing into being a healer and medium. I am so grateful for this path.

I attend a psychic fair in Cincinnati, OH by myself in 1989 out of curiosity. While casually sitting on a bench outside of the fair, a complete stranger states to me that I walk with one foot in this world and the other foot in the dream world. WHAT? What does that mean? His comment was basically wack-a-doodle and yet intriguing.

Meditate for the first time; a friend guides me. I have an out of body sensation of floating above the earth and realize some part of me is actually hovering in outer space. I freak out and literally feel myself fly back to my body instantly. I vomit on impact because of extreme motion sickness. We both conclude that this is not a typical meditation experience. Later analysis of this experience tells me that I engaged in a shamanistic journey with ease; hence I can conclude that maybe I am walking with one foot in two different worlds.

Reiki I and Reiki II Training in 1990 because a friend suggested we attend a fun, self-healing, weekend retreat in the mountains. I basically had no idea what I was getting into….But, this marks the beginning of my soul’s awakening as a healer and a path that I had no know idea existed inside of me.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1994. I really like psychology and think about getting my Masters degree. But I have a huge problem, psychology is categorizing my experiencinces of intuition, extreme psychic abilities, and the occasional hallucination (which is the visual component of my ability to read a person’s soul information like past lives) as mental illness. I back away from psychology and begin to explore healing. I move to Colorado to see if people can actually heal with there hands.

Boulders School of Massage Therapy in Colorado. Graduated with honors in 1996. I am practicing Reiki and Massage. 

Fall of 1996 my mother is diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. I remember the exact moment she told me because I knew with all of my being that she would die within the year. I never cried as hard as I did that night. I moved back to Cincinnati to spend every moment I could with her. My parents were furious at me for leaving behind the career I was just beginning to launch. They believed in her medical recovery. I could not say to them, “I’m here because the end of her life has arrived and I have to be with her.” I was so blessed to have the finances to support myself during this beautiful and heart-wrenching experience. She is truly one of the greatest loves of my life; I am so very thankful that she is my mom.

I offered a complimentary path to the medical journey of chemotherapy, Reiki. During our reiki sessions, I become deeply aware of the emotional issues unresolved from her childhood; I can see and feel them behind her physical manifestation of cancer. Towards the end of her life, I asked her if she had seen or talked to her deceased brother and father because I kept feeling them around. She confirmed that they were. She said that Troy often appears out of the corner of her eye and then she launched into a conversation she had with him in a dream.

1997, my Mom dies at the age of 54 from breast cancer. The grief is overwhelming and at the same time an AWESOME new connection with her is starting to form. I could sense her presence all around me and communicate with her through pictures and thoughts in my mind’s eye. Let us be clear, this is very odd and new territory for me and also for her. People are not very receptive to the idea that I am talking with her. Coincidently and spiritual derived, I had a Ph.D. therapist/acupuncturist who believed this was happening and he guided us through healing our relationship and building a new one. This connection leads me to awaken as a Medium; leave it to your mom to show up when you need her the most.

However the grief is deep even though I am communicating with her and I am wondering if I am crazy. I pursue work as a case manager for the mentally ill to make sure I was not suffering from mental illness. At this point on my journey, I am not sharing with friends or family that I experience waves of strong intuition about complete strangers and can see energy around a person that kind of resembles Saran Wrap. 

When I experience a visual or auditory hallucinations it is always deep soul information relative to the person in front of me. The information can physically move around their body and look a bit like saran-wrap, if saran-wrap could move. Some people have referred to this space as an aura surrounding the body. In my experience, the aura moves and flows and is not static color. Often, I see clips of a visual movie unfolding in my minds eye. This is the space where information is instant. Sometimes, I witness my soul self having a conversation with another soul or group of people. And sometimes, I will hear words or see a brief clip of information attached to a specific part of the body. During my twenties this information came in spontaneously and was very concerning; I did not know to categorize these experiences as my intuition.

Addiction to cigarettes develops as a way to turn off intuition; it is a very effective numbing tool. Cigarettes become the source of great turmoil and a catalyst for inner healing. My Mom’s doctorate in Health Education tells me that cigarettes poison the body, true, and my ego-self wants nothing to do with the explosion of intuition.

Juxtaposed to the addiction and working with the mentally ill, I am actively seeking spiritual wisdom by attending a spiritual center, meditating, and practicing Reiki on myself regularly. I am reading authors like Louise Hays, Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, and Gregg Braden.

I become a Chaplain at Unity Thought Center of Cincinnati in my mid 20’s.

Unfortunately, I cannot move forward as an intuitive, medium and healer. The fear of being so radically different from everything I grew up knowing (or essentially not knowing) causes me to trust the fear and a slew of bad choices and many broken relationships unfold; grief, addiction, and heartache prevail.

New career, teaching. Masters of Education from Xavier University 2001.

Taught for a few years and did not feel fulfilled. Try being psychic in a room with 24 developing, little people. My divine essence is restless, my lower back goes out all the time, relationships are tumultuous and I finally get tired of not listening to my higher truth.

Unity School of Christianity in Kansas City, Missouri where I started, but did not complete, a career in ministry. While I was there, I had the most profound soul awakening. During a long walk between classes, I experienced a 3 dimensional, vision of my soul’s journey as a healer into my past lives. I was surrounded by many native Americans and healers of all types celebrating my return. At first, I did not know they were celebrating me. But as I walked, I walked into the awareness and memory of being a healer.

This overwhelming sense of purpose filled me. I immediately changed the direction of my life to pursue the art of healing, even though I knew there was no way to find formal training. This is where I developed one of the strongest affirmations of my life that I still use today. “God Teach Me” 

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