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Life as we knew it was derailed by the fear surrounding Covid-19. Waves and waves of fear have been unfolding and we have had an opportunity to get real with who we really are. Wherever there is fear, there is always an opportunity to awaken and grow spiritually. I truly see this historical time as an invitation for humanity to wake up and become conscious of how we have been living. It’s clear to me that we have been very stressed, living fully in ego and separate from our true nature, the divine core at the center of our being. It’s very clear that mother nature healed deeply and took full advantage of humanity being still. The divine and mother nature have given us a window of time to reset and reconnect to our essence. So the questions are what did you learn about yourself while you were quarantined and what do we want to manifest next?

There is a silver lining to the isolation, it is the isolation itself. Whenever we are quiet, it gives us an opportunity to hear, to feel and to interact with our ego, our essence and our immediate environment. It invites us to engage in the now moment where all of our emotions are cycling through. One minute there is anxiety about the future and then the next moment there is the experience of stillness and strength. We all have been cycling through the polarity of our emotions and the polarity of how we behave towards others.

Let’s notice and honor the beautiful things we are discovering during this time. For me it is seeing my kids relax, settle and take responsibility for themselves. I have two beautiful girls in middle school who have discovered a new level of serenity in their lives because we have slowed down. They used to be confrontational towards my requests to help around the house; I would nag, beg, and remind them to do simple chores constantly. This was a very ugly part of our day because everyone was exhausted and yet dinner, laundry, and exercise needed to unfold. Since we are here all the time, we have had time to notice the cause and effect of leaving stuff randomly all over the furniture, getting hungry and preparing food, exercise changing our mood and video games hijacking our mind to replay the game visually over and over again in the brain. Prior to the quarantine, I was the only one pointing these cause and effect relationships out while taking full responsibility for making them happen.I was the bad guy. I am done doing all the work and being the enforcer that’s for sure; so I let natural consequences happen so they could see. We finally had the time to see and experience what it means to be responsible for oneself in the physical world. The bickering has decreased significantly and creativity has been added to the chores.  We have a new level of harmony that comes from everyone taking responsibility for themselves. The greatest awareness, however, is the lesson that we have to slow down and choose to actively create harmony. We want our families life together to be harmonious. We have had a shift in how we care for ourselves and each other. We have grown in love. Growing in love is the gift from the isolation. How have you grown in love.

Achieving this harmony in the family comes from each of us feeling aligned and peaceful internally.  Let’s be clear… there have been moments of very ugly energy being expressed. Instead of pointing fingers at others and blaming them for your discomfort, it is time to heal your shadow side and come out of this experience being aware of your actions by taking responsibility for yourself.  It is time to release fear by choosing new behaviors that promote ease and self harmony. This means accepting love and forgiving yourself so you can deepen in your experience of security and wholeness. Every time a person takes responsibility for their actions and for their thoughts… a new level of harmony unfolds.

Tools for transformation and bringing harmony are: connecting with nature directly by being outside, meditating, listening to soothing music, eating fruits and vegetables, dancing and discovering your own rhythm, writing and reciting positive affirmations, caring for another person with grace, helping a neighbor, expressing gratitude for anything and everything, singing, reading, gardening, journaling, star gazing, saying I love who I am, and of course just breathing and connecting to the now moment through mindfulness.  Write a list of how you align with love and internal harmony. Be proactive in transforming time spent in worry and fear to time spent loving life itself. This may mean saying, I am cared for and supported while you figure out how to pay this months bills without a job. Miracles happen and creativity sparks when we hold and feel success in our hearts. My hope is that you increase your experience with your divine essence, a spark inside of you that is love and loved by the divine. Let love be your guide and step out of the fear and into the consciousness of love. Discover there is a now moment that always has a loving, honest solution in the now.

I invite you to look at this disease as a conduit for humanity to reset. I do believe that Covid-19 is a reflection of our mass consciousness and we have come to the breaking point of realizing how fear based, stressful and disconnected our lives really are. We have not been living in harmony with ourselves, each other or with the environment because we lost sight of caring for ourselves, our family and nature through love. We lost sight of our divine connection and our connection to nature. I am very clear that the universe is asking us to reset and choose love as our priority because we are being forced to spend time alone or with just family. Distractions are over, stop and discover what is truly, deeply important to you. If we can heal individually and prioritize love as our foundation we will heal our collective consciousness and shift the political fighting, corporate lying and disenfranchised families. Healing our stressful society happens when we heal individually. We have a choice about seeking happiness and connecting to love in every moment. And this particular large scale, world wide shift is an opportunity for everyone of us to shift and connect to love and harmony itself. Its time to create a world of peace; it truly is in our grasp of manifestation.