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I am a Medium. This means that I converse with beings on the other side that do not have physically dense, three dimensional bodies. But they do have consciousness and an adaptable, light body form that changes according to their thoughts. I have been conversing with the other side for years; so it’s safe to say, that I have spoken to thousands of beings. Most of the beings I speak with are contacted during a client session. These beings communicate with me through symbols, words, concepts, emotions, and varying degrees of love. I can actually feel their emotional awareness of love, gratitude, fear, sorrow, guilt, beauty, joy, peace and wholeness. (It’s like being an empath on Steroids!) Basically, our deceased loved ones have shed the physically body and are aligned with their divine essence.

In all of these conversations and interactions, not once have I ever had an individual being express their self-worth in terms of money. I have never witnessed a soul being evaluated in terms of money on the other side. I have never been asked to pay for accessing a connection to the beings on the other side because their value is not measured by money. I have never witnessed a person’s experience of crossing-over to the otherside be about the amount of money they accumulated or did not accumulate during their physical existence on Earth. And you certainly don’t offer a wad of cash to the divine beings assisting your dying process. Money is not a thing on the other side. MONEY DOES NOT HAVE VALUE OR PURPOSE ON THE OTHER SIDE. So it is safe to conclude that money has nothing to do with a person’s soul worth.

Love is what they are focused on. Love is what they talk about and what they manifest. Love is so important that it initiates a life evaluation of the human experience in terms of love only. Love is what a person connects to in order to crossover. I have never had a deceased love one say that they loathed a client; feelings of admiration, understanding, joy and compassion are being conveyed. When I am doing healing work, love is the only thing that works. Your soul, the part of you that crosses over, only focuses on LOVE. I am pretty sure that we all understand that you do not need money to access the divine or the love in your own heart. It is a Universal Truth that money can’t buy you love or access to the divine. Love is the divine. Love is your true identity.

So why do so many of us base our self worth on money? Why are you evaluating yourself in terms of the amount of money you make. STOP ! Your relationship with love is the only thing that matters when it is all said and done. LOVE is the end game. Therefore, love has to be the most important thing to focus on right now.

When did we lose sight of the principle that money is just a tool. Why are our life goals focused on the amount of money we make. I say this because there is an undeniable observation that we honor the people who make the most money; we put Donald Trump in the Presidential office. And we financially repress teachers, who clearly have the divine task of shaping our children. To me, this is a sign of how emotionally sick our culture is. Our lives should not be driven by Capitalism because when your dead no one gives a damn about your money. Our lives need to be driven by love because our very essence is about love.

Every system should be based on love because it already is according to your soul. Love is the only thing that defines your self worth when you evaluate your life at the end. Death is not a judgement day on what you did wrong it is an evaluation on how you loved yourself and everyone you came into contact with. Love is the only thing that matters to your divine essence so please focus on creating love. Please shift your foundation to love. Aligning with your soul’s essence, LOVE, while you are alive may be the entire point of it all.