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Have you ever felt anxious, like something was missing or not happening? Have you ever felt like there was an emotional disconnect between you and your life’s achievements, or that the feeling of achievement was superficial?  Have you felt a pull towards a different vision in one major aspect of your life? I am not talking about a vision associated with financial wealth; those visions are nice but secondary to the ones I am referring to. I am talking about the inner urge that is exceptionally creative and downright brilliant but seemingly out of reach and will need superpowers to achieve in this lifetime. Well, this urge is your SOUL path; and this path will continue to nag at you in the form of anxiety until you put action towards its manifestation. But once you do put action towards your soul’s truth, the feelings of security, acceptance, and inner peace follow.

Feeling secure is a reflection of your relationship with your soul and your divine truth; just as the manifestation of anxiety is a reflection of not listening to a part of your divine self. Life is all about trusting the divine wisdom within you; trusting your inner voice and trusting that the Universe has got your back (which it does, even when bad shit happens). You have a PATH, an inner agenda, a truth that is just yours and no one else’s. And because you have this soul driven truth designed specifically for you… NO ONE ELSE CAN MANIFEST IT FOR YOU. It is yours and only yours to create. And it is my belief that the feelings of security and inner peace are a direct reflection of your conscious relationship with your soul’s agenda. When you put action to the inner thoughts and feelings, feeling of security naturally follow.

The idea of having an inner agenda generated by your soul, or a divine path, maybe a completely foreign idea. It certainly was for me as my soul was awakening in my early 20s in the form of intuitive information irrupting into my thoughts. It’s NOT like I said, “Wow I want to be a Medium and a psychic; what a wonderful career option.” I definitely panicked a number of times while I pushed the intuition away and shut the psychic information down. But in the end, it did not work. I had to embrace and accept the gifts or I literally was going to go crazy. I was offered antidepressants by my therapist but choose a different approach first to see if it would work. I started saying affirmations all the time to cope with the mystical unfolding. I would say, “God teach me and I love who I am.” I decided I needed God’s guidance over anyone else’s because no one was understanding what was happening internally with me. (NOTE: I do not condone antidepressants; they have a place and are very helpful for many people.)  Through loving myself and trusting my soul’s truth, I embraced and accepted my gifts.

Now I can say, “I am an amazing Medium and Intuitive Healer”. And I am truly at peace with what I do; I wouldn’t have it any other way. So if I can fold in and trust being what appears completely foreign to most people, you can accept your inner gifts also and feel completely at peace. My confidence is so strong because of my deep inner connection that I even feel a bit amused as I watch a person’s face change as they mentally register my answer to, ” so what do you do?”

Believe in yourself; your soul has a path. Embrace who you are because that is where you will find the peace.