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Stop giving your power to the politicians. Let’s find a different solution; INTERNAL PEACE. 

Just so we’re all clear on how mass consciousness works, what’s happening on a political level is reflecting, mirroring, to you your own internal state of affair. Please stop finger-pointing, accusing and barking down the who’s right or who’s wrong path. Pull yourself away from the intense anger coming from the media, friends, relatives and yourself. The anger is only fueling separation within you and between us. The separation and anger you are experiencing and producing in your life is a direct reflection of the separation you unconsciously or consciously experience inside of yourself. I am referring to one’s personal connection  to or lack of connection to the divine essence inside of you, LOVE. If you focus on cultivating love internally, your world view will shift and you will live from a place of safety, wholeness, compassion and peace.

Cultivate your relationship with peace and figure out how to love yourself. If you experience anxiety, self worth issues, anger towards strangers, feeling of entitlement, obsessive thinking about anything our of your control….then stop and fold inward to your own heart. I promise you, you are filled with love. Love is the very nature of your soul. Get beyond the stories of the past and who did what to cause the trauma and pain in your life. Breath into the now moment because solutions and healing in the now moment will happen. Move on from being stuck. The past shifts when you release yourself from it through forgivenenss and choose to experience the love and acceptance the DIVINE has for you. Humanity has caused the harm…not the DIVINE. Let’s embrace a new way of thinking….connecting to the divine’s unconditional love for you so you can heal and be at peace. Practice forgiveness and keep moving inward untill you connect with the divine. Do this every day through the practice of meditation. Love, acceptance and peace are not going to be granted by the correct political group….these are the qualities of an internal connection to Love; and this relationship to love is first. We the people have to find our individual peace internally before the outer world can reflect peace. This is your wake up call!

You have the power to heal the world by aligning with love and cultivating inner peace.