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Do you want to be happy? The really deep, sustainable happiness that is able to weather life’s unpredictability and brings about an internal feeling of wholeness that dissolves self doubt and anxiety. To do this, you have to align with your divine truth. You have to align with your internal essence, AKA your soul, the divine wisdom that resides inside of your very being that is uniquely yours. Most people think connecting to their divine essence is a mystery or you have to meditate for years to really get it. Not true, that would be an absurd design. Connecting internally to your divine essence is not an intangible goal… we just believe that it is intangible because our society is obsessed with immediate gratification and physical wealth as the source of happiness.The truth is your soul is only concerned with it’s relationship to love because the currency of the divine is love. Therefore, one has to have an internal guidance system that motivates one to actualize the love that resides in their heart; I refer to this system as personal integrity. Personal integrity is one’s alignment with their own divine essence through the cultivation of love which results in the feeling of happiness and profound emotional security.

The goal is to step out of playing the game of society’s facade of happiness and step into the world of wanting to be yourself. This world is governed by the creation and experience of love. It’s that simple. The more you create systems that uphold and honor love for yourself and EVERYONE else involved, the more you will feel love and happiness, true happiness. When you create something or experience something that causes you or someone else to feel pain, anger, sadness, anxiety, numbness and overwhelming fear you are not aligned with your hearts truth and you are not aligning with personal integrity. When your actions are not aligned with your soul’s truth you will feel the creation of disharmony. Pain is caused by a harmful action or a false belief that seperates you from love.

In my own life, I had to forego a career in teaching preschool to actualize my soul’ s wisdom of being a healer and medium. To be honest, I really had no desire to make a career out of my psychic abilities especially since my family and most of society considers such abilities to be made up, or woo-woo. But I had no choice because I was constantly disrupted by my intuitive awareness while I was trying to teach. I would be teaching a child one on one and suddenly I could hear their thoughts yet they were not talking. Or I would see them in a past life and understand their current life’s path. It was a lot more than being empathetic and it was extremely overwhelming and clearly distracting. I was a good teacher; the kids loved and respected me; but I was constantly distracted by this intuitive information. Physically, my back kept giving out at work as a result of denying my intuitive abilities. I felt like I was going insane trying to shut down these psychic awarenesses and yet I could not maintain teaching with them. I had to make a choice and align with my personal integrity, my soul’s truth. The day I committed to listening to my loud intuition and become a healer to actualize the gifts, was the day my back pain ended. I aligned with an internal path that was unknown and familiar at the same time. Despite leaving a familiar and financial secure path, aligning with my personal integrity brought me a deep sense of stability and joy that created financial support. Taking this step to trust what was happening was the best decision; I aligned with my truth. I walked away from forcing myself to be something I was not. I stopped holding a choice and a behavior that did not fit who I was. People always ask me how did I become a healer and a medium. My response will always be my abilities picked me; I just choose to listen and align with my soul’s truth by following personal integrity.

Your self-worth is not based on material wealth or what society tells you to be; it is based on an internal connection to your essence and the feelings of happiness created by this connection. Personal integrity is the internal guiding system that tells you if you are aligned with the love and truth in your heart. Most people disregard personal integrity because they actually believe that money will keep them safe, bring them unconditional love, hide the core sadness, fill the void, and make them better. Here is a fact, money does not have that power, only love does.  When you align with your divine essence you are actualizing a profound inner truth that automatically aligns you with being kind, respecting others and aligning with the spiritual law to do no harm. Our society has actually failed to recognizing this internal system for creating peace and happiness; we actually believe that it’s okay to lie, manipulate the truth, hid facts, or hurt each other and the environment to secure our individual portion of physical wealth. We have a society that has a false facade of visual happiness created by money; we are creating serious trauma to ourselves and the environment. This path of following the money is not working.

The way I see it, people just make shit up to serve this facade of happiness by putting money first. Did you know that individual people who work for large food companies will disguise the truth and lie about the integrity of an ingredient to increase sales. For example, let’s analyze the ingredient “natural flavors” in most of our processed food products. I thought “natural flavors” meant flavors that come directly from nature; occurring naturally. Apparently it does not. “Natural flavors” means that the source of the ingredient was ORIGINALLY, naturally occurring in the environment but then it is manipulated and modified in the lab. Did you know that the purpose of “natural flavors” is to preserve the food, AKA MSG. I do not want preservatives in my body because it preserves the ingredients in the food product and in my body. And I do not want to have to figure out that I am being mislead and lied to for the sake of higher sales. To put this bluntly, the words “natural flavors” are our agreed on form of lying about the preservatives in the food; IT IS MISLEADING ON PURPOSE. Literally we undermine each other to get our individual financial security. Why are we doing this? Apparently we have lost trust in our internal guidance system to put love first.

It is mind blowing to me that we have a society that tolerates such deep manipulation. But more importantly is the fact that people are compromising their relationship with the divine and experiencing anxiety, anger, sadness, self loathing, numbness, and at extreme levels of disconnection, psychotic behavior, as a result. There truly is a cause and effect relationship with aligning or not aligning with your divine essence. You can heal your life by simply listening to and actualizing your heart. Its not hard….it’s actually harder to maintain the lies we tell ourselves and others. It’s hard to live in pain, yet we have accepted this as normal. It’s not Loves intention for you! Instead, all of these uncomfortable feeling can be used as a measuring stick to follow the pathway of truth. I do not believe we are all lying intentionally; most people are just trying to survive and feel powerless in the face of large corporations bottom line. But your heart does keep you accountable through your internal integrity. You can’t lie, or ignore the truth, with out experiencing discomfort. If we all choose to listen to our divine guide posts, our world would change immediately. Honoring love and following the pathway to truth will always open up miraculous solutions. The divine has got your back when you trust it.

Affirmation: I trust the truth in my heart and align with love.

LOVE ALWAYS WINS, Do not forget that!