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Could the world be any more extreme? Who is right and who is wrong? Who is lying and who is telling the truth? What is happening? It’s clear to me that the only way out of this shit storm of polarity is to get real with our personal integrity and stop living in fear by aligning with love as the foundation (and not the media, and not money, and not addiction) to create a new reality. It’s up to you to solve the world problems though an inner spiritual journey because you can’t fix the ugliness of the world if you are aligning with false sources of power. A false source of power is anything external that you are using to ignore or replace the divine presence inside of your heart. IT’S TIME TO DIVE DEEP AND GET REAL WITH YOUR BELIEFS. WHAT IS YOUR TRUE SOURCE OF POWER? Fixing the world chaos is done though internal alignment to love and the manifestation of integrity.

If you are uncomfortable with the world we are living in then you have to bring about change. I am not talking about campaigning for a political cause, or single handily disarming our debit society, or hiding in a bunker with years of food. I am talking about shifting internally and aligning with your true source of power, which is LOVE. I am talking about cultivating peace internally. You have to move behind the world of your five senses, which is the observation of extreme polarity, and cultivate the truth that you want to experience in the world, peace and joy. We have to move away from being scared, angry and reactionary to an internal focus on harmony and self love. When you shift perspectives you will shift your experience of the physical world.

Each and everyone of us has experienced trauma. The trauma is deep and we keep dwelling on it because it plays out in our minds and our culture almost on automatic repeat. Everywhere we turn you are receiving messages of pain and disharmony.  We have coupled sex with violence, we have failed to safe guard our children’s minds from violent and monotonous video games, we choose pills and alcohol  as solutions to self love and we believe that our world is dangerous and unsafe. The messages we are producing and the behavior that is resulting is not working. So STOP. Stop  dwelling in the pain and stop giving it your power or your time. Keep choosing love over and over and over again. Love is an internal connection. Love is the divine inside of you and you always have access to it. Love is your soul on the journey to enlightenment. Love is accessed in the now moment. Love is a choice. It is an emotion that you have the divine right to cultivate and practice. Stop accepting the story and narrative of the pain and trauma of your past; you have to stop giving the pain your undivided attention. The safest place is the now moment where you decide to connect to the divine. The more energy you put into love through the practice of cultivating inner peace, the faster you can change your thinking patterns and your vibration. When you shift your vibration to love everything changes. Align with your divine truth and then a peaceful physical world will manifest. We can shift the world from the inside out. We can change the fear narrative of the  victim verses the perpetrator by calling back our individual power and accepting the narrative of love that resides internally.

I can not stress enough that the healing of our planet and the chaos that is erupting will heal if each one of us decides enough is enough and chooses to experience love in the now moment. Please choose to cultivate self love. It is that simple. When you choose love you take your power back from anything that stops you from feeling connected to love. The more you learn about loving who you are, the more you are motivated to align everything with your deeper sense of peace.Giving yourself the power to be incharge of your feelings and thought will automatically align you with living in integrity. Be brave and put action to the love that you feel and self integrity builds.  When you align with your truth and love you are always called to right action. And then we will stop producing such hideous, scary narratives that tell us the world is unsafe. Right action derived from internal truth and love changes the world. It’s simple, small steps everyday to design and own your personal love story that eventually will reverberate into the physical world.

So go deep, go internal and connect to your essence. I CAN GAURENTEE YOU THAT YOUR ESSENCE IS LOVE. That is the true nature of your design. If you hear anything else inside besides love, recognize where it came from and choose to release it from your body. Affirming, love is my source. I am loved. I trust love. I choose love. I release the pain and choose to be renewed by love.  I take back my power. When you align with love, you align with your power and you live in integrity.

Change is a matter of critical mass in mass consciousness. Carl Jung introduced us to the concept of mass consciousness; the idea that each one of us plays a part in group consciousness. You are automatically contributing to mass consciousness so take some responsibility in that. Essentially by connecting to your peace narrative, you are changing the world. Step out of the polarity game where the fear mongering is lurking and step into creating feeling of love and joy inside of your very being. Stop being told who you are and step into discovering that you are love. Find the real source of power…LOVE. THANK YOU.