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Friday night, oh what a night it was. For our family, Friday night is always the tipping point into exhaustion. The past week had been non-eventful but full. We entered the evening with excitement and celebration: a neighborhood gathering, a sleepover for one daughter, and a school party for the other daughter. As I am sitting with my neighbors on their gorgeous, new screened in porch, I am detecting a feeling of uneasiness. The moon is FULL and two clients are panicked, reaching out for support. This particular full moon fell on the 13th and was the Harvest Moon. It was an outstanding, illumination of the sky. Astrologers say that this harvest moon falls in Pisces and means it has the potential to be deeply transformative and illuminating. I have to say I agree.

After 3 hours of bouncing from conversation to conversation with clients, neighbors and kids, my intuitive agitation was finally met with a subtle, sobbing sound coming from the trampoline in my backyard. There it was, the pinnacle event of the evening, one injured arm, swelling rapidly after the 100th attempt to perform the perfect front-hand-spring. My sweet girl has fractured the growth plate of her humerus due to a fall on the outside of the arm. May I point out that this injury is the accumulation of total exhaustion from a very long week.

Then an amazing awakening happened 24 hour later for her. My daughter says to me last night, “you know I knew I should’ve stopped jumping. I was so tired. I couldn’t get the handspring. I even landed in the exact same position a few times before I hurt myself. Why didn’t I just play the game with my sister inside? I even got Dad to come watch me and protect me because I could tell something was off. I just wouldn’t listen to my body. I kept going and going and going and I knew I was tired.” There it was, my daughter recognizing her intuition. I am so grateful and proud of her for seeing and feeling this. How insightful she allowed herself to be. This is where I piped in and redirected the regret and suggested that she use an affirmation. We used the following affirmations: I love my body; I forgive myself for not listening to my bodies intuition. I will do my best to honor my intuition from now on. I can stop when I feel tired. I love my body

We all have intuition. I believe that the intuition is the voice of the authentic self rising up to guide us through our day. Intuition is profoundly wise and typically psychic in that it is steering us away from future danger. Take a moment and really think about the last time you had an accident. After the experience, did you review all the information leading up to the point of disaster and realize there were subtle clues forewarning you; we call this hindsight. We typically have a warning thought that is coupled with a strong feeling that shows us a glimpse into the future. Sometimes we write it off as worry. But worry is sourced from ego and is typically a review of all the potential dangers and these worries spin endlessly out of control. Intuition is more of a deep knowing and it is felt inside of the body instead of the rapid fire thinking of ego mind. We call it intuition when you act on the information and thus prevent the accident. So take a moment and really examine the difference between intuition and worry.

It is my experience that intuition is the safest resource for my day unfolding peacefully and even joyfully. I cultivate my relationship with my authentic self and it’s language of intuition through meditation. I cultivate my intuition by acting on it. I believe in the universal principle of the more you pay attention to something the more it grows can be applied to trusting and acting upon one’s intuition. Trust your intuition it truly is your guiding light. It is a real source coming from your heart designed specifically for you.