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     This morning I found myself staring at the 6 different brands of shampoo in my shower and wondering if there is any real difference between them. Will the Argan Oil result in the least frizziness but strip my color or will the color protector shampoo do both.  When it comes to hair products, we spend enormous amounts of money trying to make our hair magically tame itself and be perfectly coiffed. If you have ever seen my massive amounts of unruly, frizzy hair you would think I would know the answer to the best shampoo. But the truth is I have six different kinds of shampoo all at varying price points, claiming to do important tasks and I still don’t know the answer. On the other hand, if we spent half the time nurturing and cultivating our inner beauty through meditation as we do on our outer beauty, we would genuinely feel and look more beautiful. Meditation has the power to create your own brand. Having a good hair day is fleeting and the compliments are only surface deep, satisfying the ego. But the ego is never fulfilled, so a new and improved hair shampoo is always on the horizon as testimony to the six brands in my shower.

       Whenever I meditate and connect deeply, I feel as if I am glowing; and I am truly radiating from the inside out. People see it. They gravitate to it. They complement it for hours. Inevitability someone will ask what have I done differently; is it a new haircut, new lipstick, perhaps new shampoo. They expect me to say something along the lines as I changed my shampoo. But the truth is I have meditated. Meditation makes you shine from the inside out because you are focusing your attention on the light within. You are paying attention to your light so your light literally becomes enhanced. It is the greatest beauty you will ever achieve; it is your own brand. Go for real beauty, make the deepest and cheapest change possible, take time to meditate every morning. Rinse repeat.