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There really is only one you.

You have a unique look; even if you have an identical twin or are following a trend.

You have a unique way of thinking, even if it is heavily influenced by the people around you (boss, best friend, spouse, kids, siblings or parents.)

You have your own rhythm when you dance; even if you are professionally trained or not trained at all.

You have a unique way of reacting to the world; even if you think someone else made you react in a certain way. It’s still your reaction because it came out of your body and your mind.

These seem like obvious statements and yet so many of us strive to minimize celebrating our unique beingness. You think and act uniquely because you are unfolding and exploring your unique creation. (And yes I am implying that your soul or your higher consciousness with a higher power designed the current physical manifestation of genetic material for a reason.)

So be you. Love every part of being you because that’s all you really have. Being you is the only thing you can control in the world. You may influence may things in the world but you can’t control them; you can only do you.

You are the only one who can bring out the potential you feel inside. No one else can feel your inner world; and because no one else can feel what’s happening in there, it leaves the responsibility solely in your hands to act upon. Bring action and manifestation to what you feel inside. Be you.

So rally behind your uniqueness with all your consciousness and do you. Believe in yourself!

Celebrate being you by believing in yourself.